Personal Snap

9.99 USD

Three custom photos or one video just for you! You may save or screenshot all you like!

Get Unblocked

19.99 USD

Have you been blocked from one or all of my social media accounts? Here's your second chance! Get unblocked from my Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Streamate, etc.!

Rate Your Dick - Written Rating

9.99 USD

Send me a dick pic or video, and I'll write a paragraph on what I think of it.

Rate Your Dick - Video Rating

12.99 USD

Send me a dick pic or video and watch my reaction on video!

Buy Me a Drink

10 USD

Get me drunk for a sexy surprise!


1000 USD

Pay my rent and receive ALL my new content for three months! - Send the remaining $150 of my rent as a tip to become VIP!


50 USD

Pay my water bill for a live shower show & a shower video!

Electric Bill

75 USD

Pay my electric bill and receive two pairs of my juicy panties!


100 USD

Pay my internet bill for two custom videos and two pre-made videos!


65 USD

Pay my phone bill and get my phone number, Snapchat, Kik, and Skype!


200 USD

Make my car payment and receive ALL my new content for a month and a 45 minute Skype show!


100 USD

Pay my car insurance and receive a 15 minute Skype show, a pair of my juicy panties, and a signed 8x10 photo in the mail!

Gym Membership

20 USD

Pay my gym membership and receive 10 custom photos!


30 USD

Pay my tanning membership to receive 2 naughty tanning videos!



Netflix & chill with me on Snapchat!


50 USD

Send me to the nail salon and choose any other store item if equal or lesser value!


50 USD

Send me for a pedi and receive a custom foot fetish video!


50 USD

Keep my pretty blonde hair looking good and receive a custom video!


140 USD

Buy me food for the month and enjoy an hour long Skype dinner date with me, complete with cheesecake! You'll also receive my phone number, Kik, or Snapchat.

$1,000 Tip

1000 USD

Become my new highest tipper!

$500 Tip

500 USD

Because you're hubby material.

$200 Tip

200 USD

Because you're my king.

$150 Tip

150 USD

Because you're my Prince Charming.

$100 Tip

100 USD

Because I'm your princess.

$75 Tip

75 USD

Because you wanna spoil me.

$50 Tip

50 USD

Because you wanna make me squeal.

$25 Tip

25 USD

Because you wanna make my day.

$10 Tip

10 USD

Because you wanna make me smile.

5 Minute Skype Show

14.95 USD

Holiday sale! Hoe Hoe Hoe. All Skype shows just $1.99/minute! You must love being teased ;)

10 Minute Skype Show

29.9 USD

For a little bit of one-on-one fun with me!

15 Minute Skype Show

44.85 USD

Just enough time for a really nice roleplay or maybe some squirting? Whatever it takes to drain your balls!!

20 Minute Skype Show

59.8 USD

When you need a little more time with Princess.

30 Minute Skype Show

89.7 USD

When you need a lot more time with Princess.

45 Minute Skype Show

134.55 USD

When you need LOTS of time with Princess.

60 Minute Skype Show

179.4 USD

When you simply can't get enough of Princess.

My Panties

132.99 USD

Juicy or clean, all different styles! Shipped right to you with an autographed kiss.

Text Me

19.95 USD

Text my phone anytime!

Kik Me

19.95 USD

Chat and trade hot pics with me on Kik, anytime!

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