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Riding Dildo Private Cam Show

Can you even handle how much I'm going to tease you before I finally tell you to sit back and enjoy as I make all of your dreams come true? Just when you think you can't take it anymore, I finally tell you that this is YOUR cam show, you are the director, and I know that you want ASS. Watch this beautiful view of my 50 inch ass bouncing up and down on my favorite BBC dildo.



I've been a little bitchy lately, so my lovely girlfriend (Mazzaratie Monica) being the thoughtful, horny girl that she is, decided to bring me home a surprise from the club. The poor guy (Man Fury) was so helpless. He was scared and confused, not knowing where he was. But after a while of us fucking with him, he no longer cared about anything other than us letting him cum. Face sitting, face slapping, dick and ball slapping, blindfolds, restraints, hitachi, choking, orgasm denial, teasing, foot worship, humiliation.


NoShaveNovember Squirting

We haven't seen each other since October and I'm missing you so much! I was so horny, I decided to make a video for you. This one is... a little different. I told you I'd be faithful while you were away. So, I didn't really have a reason to shave. I mean, you're the only one who ever sees such intimate areas of my body. At first, I was a little self-conscious about my new body hair. But I grew to kind of like it. Let's see if you like it too after I squirt in your face!


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The Balcony, Booty and Breasts

I just love sunset however I love it even more when I am with my girlfriend!

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Birthday Brat 2017

When ManFury insisted that I take birthday photos before my party, I was not happy! I should have spent the WHOLE day eating cake and opening presents. So I made sure I was a mean ass little bitch through the whole shoot ;)

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Sensual Shower

After flirting and teasing you through the glass, I turn the hot water on and get all steamy. I open the door to give you a better view. Wanna watch me play with my favorite glass toy?

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